Red River

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Going north is rare now,

But it happens and it happened more than today.

What is going on with this historical river.

Navigating it,  it’s reliving glories of the old water way into the north.

I want to be back in the Red river.



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It hurts when your half is not part.

The smell of turkey, ginger cookies and tamales is a distraction.

But, it’s never the same as looking at your smile, and your eyes.

Fire works is a delight and nice to watch.

Your company is missed.

Better years are coming.

Thinking about it does aliviate,

But it does not make it better.

Nativity is upon us, and you are not around.


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To live in Minessota within 90% whites is something else.

I’ve lived here for 17 years, and everyday has been a crush.

From language myths to English conversation unbalances,

From language discrimination to race discrimination,

From ethnic solidarity to Ethnomethodology, to ethnography.

To me it’s all about not being US native.

How many time have I heard, “you are not from here, where were you born?”.

Brother please! Don’t you know language differences, don’t you know language diversity?

I’m a man with no nation then. If I don’t sound Estadunidense in the heart of America and my Spanish is considered Yankee when I’m back home in ES,

I might, as well, learn Creole, or pidgin English or better yet AAE to be part of your language fabric.

My life has been nothing but a struggle to make, validate or simply share my English dialect.

After all, we all have an accent.

All I want is to be called an American. I was born an American, I always considered myself a Central American.

Why are you trying to make me feel unamerican in MN?

49% of me is Mayan, so there!

My Idiolect and Ethnolect makes me unique.

Does that prove I’m an American?

I bìn American all my life!

December 03, 2017

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My taste butts are not normal.

It’s 2:39 A.M. they do taste good.

It’s all perspective, is it now or later.

Drink up S.O.B.

I have no patients.

I got nothing!

But time to make it mine.

So, shut the fuck up, and let me be.

Yes, me, the indomitable human being.

Let it be!

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Ayer te ví

Pense no extrañarte

Sin embargo, el fín de año está por llegar.

5000 kilometers de distancia.

La familia es unica

Pero, respeto es singular.

Vamos, continuamos

A donde, esa es la pregunta.

Aguantaré lo que cueste.

La compa

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Solidaria cómo nadie!

Siempre lista con o sin dolor.

En la lucha con el cuerpo en sudor.

Respirando profundo.

Enpapar el cuerpo con chorros.

Seguir sin parar hasta terminar.

El sueño hecho realidad.

La lucha de cuerpos ardientes.

El honor de amante a la libertad.

Hasta luego compa!

En el coraźón de un loco vives!

Lo que es!

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Son cosas diarias que vives y te dan reacciones logical e ilogicas.

Todos los días son retos, pruebas a sobre salir.

En un mundo diferente al donde venis.

Pero aun así, te paras y peleás por lo justo.

Por lo qué creés, por lo qué te define.
Aunque no hay cambios, tu firmeza sobre sale cómo una espina encrustada

Encallada se queda, pero la lesion  recuerda la injusticia del pasado.

Tarde o temprano el callo molesta y la pelea trae la victoria de lo que siempre fue tu principio.

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