Dicussion on reality, emotions, likes and dislikes, but yet controversy at points of view and experiences!

Inferiority, is that really an issue or is it a perspective?

I see it as experiences, enviroment, and education.

How can one compare a person who was/is raised and brought into his/her life with all the needs taken care of versus some one from India, Thailand, Africa, or Latin America where the only need was to make sure he/she was born alive at birth?

Once born, the next meal for six month was mom’s breast and that is if mom found food. After that, life was/is a struggle, was/is survival, better yet it is the same way as i write about it now. But yet, we have people say or question ” Do you feel inferior?”. You cannot help it, but to swallow it, take the courage not to feel it, but inside you, you know where you come from, and even thougt, you are not feeling it, you still say yes in your mind, you feel it and you fightt  back, but  people will not understand.  It is ok to feel that way, do it with dignity, with pride, and with intelligence. The past is gone and you are no longer there, you are now a super human being.