I’m very sad that I’m not part of your daily life, very much the way You felt growing up. I have done what I have been able to, and I continue to do so. Of course, It is obvious money can not buy love. I undertand that, but deep inside my heart and soul, It is a moral, a parental, a natural, and a lovely thing to do when I have not been there for your most precious or needed moments. For that, I’m guilty as charged, and I appologized, I’m very sorry, very sorry!
Now, It is my time to see the differences: The lack of love, and The lack of acknowledgement. Hijo, It is all good, one day, I hope, and I pray to God that You will think and realize I have done a bit, just a tiny bit to help You become who You are. I love you very much, and I cry as I write this to you. I love you Anthony Joseph Anaya! I chose your name because I thought your grand father deserves it.