What time is it? It is time to live happy, healthy, and spiritually connected to everything around me and beyond me. I have no more time to waste. I have one tiny, tiny, very tiny period of time in this life before I move on to my next  stop or to my next endless journey. I have done and continue to do what my heart and mind dictates in my time.  Forgive me for my selfishness, forgive me for my selfconsumed, and forgive me for my ignorance in understanding my time. It takes time to learn, it takes time to understand, and it takes time to experience success, failure, and suffering. What time is it? Give me the time, give yourself the time, give everyone their time and time will tell you, time will show you, time will teach you what everyone needs in his/her life time. Go ahead and ask “what time is it?”  before it is too late.