There your were with a premature heart in an aventure of lust and pain.
Time passed, communication between seas transpired at the speed of light.
History and memories evolved and brought back fantasies of a perfect life, perfect dreams.
On one side of the oceans, stood your passion, your love, your youth.
On the other side, life became new, became a challenge, became family, became discovery.

Crossing back the vast Atlantic at high altitude, it seemed a dream, and you cried, thinking of heaven behind you.
In an effort to capture, and to take advantage of the opportunity, your lips, your heart and soul lost their tangent. Without thinking, feeling or respecting life, or love, or trust, betrayal overshadowed your being. Your want to be amore was mutilated with nonsense.

Time stopped, time robbed, time become history to be discovered.
There must be more discoveries you need to share if your love conquest is to be accomplished.
Love is clear, love is transparent and love is mutual. Mind, body, and soul uniting for a common dream, a common fantacy, and a common life for two purified, unselfish beings.

Ultimately, you remain to be discovered while others cry for you to finish your overseas voyage back where you are belong. Oceans will be in between. They can be crossed with no hesitation. It is your choice, it is your life, but at the end, love ones will bleed, will agonize in pain of whys, of eagerness to understand why life is unfair.

Love comes once; lust is momentary. In our journey to happiness, everyone is making a difference in your, life must count those meanings. Mature life is to find our harmony and purpose to each other.