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Alpha displays are elements for control.
Flamboyancy, and narcissism are passions for egoism.
Sickening sweet, wimpy weak are the results.
Keops, Kefren, and Micerinos are powers forever.
Love seduction is a never ending struggle.
Pay attention to your instinct.
It will reveal your precious wishes.
Manipulating your desires will seduce.
Satisfaction, happiness, our heavenly arrivals.
Ecstasies to our never ending thirst.
Powerful feelings everyone anguishes.
Be aware and proceed accordingly.


Bladi’s Milestone

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Thirty years ago in 1983, Rox was 18, I was 21.
You were zero, well nine months, inside a new world.
I was outside, knowing nothing of your physical evolution.
I was outside waiting for a new star to shine my universe.
Tumultuous experiences taking place outside your world.
New culture, new country, new language, new love.
The sun energized my beings and provided hope and challenge.
It guided me to a new beginning, to my
new world.
A new start was born.
Since that moment, my time was you.
I no longer stared at my mirror, at my reflection on the water.
I pleased my self looking at you, caring for you, loving you.
My journey to my world became my addiction.
Strolled you down the street on a Sunday morning.
The sun hitting on my face, paper on hand, stroller in front of me.
Reading the daily news in Spanish, and having you with me was my universe.
Years passed, your transformation changed.
Along the way of your great radiation, I was there.
The universe changes every second.
You are the change, you are my constant variable.
Time transpired, and our roles became different.
For the best, I know.
I know you know your world and its physical aspects.
It is hard and difficult to see.
Change is good.
New worlds, new stars, new hope and new love.
You are my star, and you are the brightest.
I’m a decaying star, your illumination keeps me alive.
Your light’s shined for 30 years and will remain shining.
Let your light guide you to your harmony and to your best world.
Happy Birthday my star!!

Children of mine

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Validation, acceptance, forgiveness, your soil needs.
Your blossom was not in the desert.
It took care of you, it loved you.
It gave you nutrients to form your base.
You were showered with love, happiness, smiles and joy.
As a coward patron, I left you when your were flourishing.
The perfect harvest was ignored and you bled and cried.
Abruptly, your sun was robbed, your attention was abandoned.
For all your calamities, I’m guilty and I’m sorry.
Yet, you are the best a gardener would love.
Grown excellent, bright, intelligent, and beautiful.
Synthesis slowed you down and created an unease at your caretaker.
I was there, not enough and certainly not at all times.
Today, I see the decay in myself, time is less to live.
Flowers will continue to blossom.
Some with support, validation and love.
Others with nothing at all, yet they blossom.
And wish they had just a tiny, very tiny soil master.


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Today, naked and solo, I write thoughts that exploit my logic.
I plank it over and over.
Shuffle after shuffle, the game is the same.
Are you going to learn or are you going to ignore?
If you don’t, game is over. I move on.
The joker laughs at our immature foreplay.
I give you my game secrets, my strategies, my flaws.
Yet, the lecture is not enough.
What do you want?
A wasted game, a wasted soul or a wasted love.
Now days, time is gold, soul is life but love is everything.


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My alchemy into your being is my trinity goal.
I see your eyes and I see your undefined floating soul.
Our polarity into the vast love indulgence is a struggle.
I see hope, I see retraction, I see you in the harmony threshold.
Earth, heaven and life are the elements.
My heart, mind and soul are within, but not all in!
Our homeostasis will take place here, there, anywhere!

No mas!

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No mas, engendering your spirit with sweet thoughts.
No mas, bestowing my heart and my love for you.
You have wreaked my soul with secrets to yourself.
No mas, esoteric world far from my reach.
My wielding is about to give up.
If your secrecy is your hedonism, I will be a pauper in your world.
No mas!


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Beasts invading home.
Motives associated to world policies.
International politics, generated by others.
Foreign interventions dictated by the elite.
Rich individuals invading foreign resources.
Taking away foreign assets across oceans.
The resentment for our exploitation takes lives off the streets.
Change view of world, share the profits.
Educate the poor, educate the world, respect their individualism.
Embrace and give them freedom, independence.
Stop invading their land, resources, culture and their liberty.
Now, we paid, valuable life is killed and injured.
People do not deserve invading monsters

Devouring lives in the street of our cities, our nation.

Frick it!

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I’ve given you all I can share from my heart, from my being.

I’ve given you a million times more than what I have received.

I do it because I want you to exceed what I never had.

I want to give more, but I can’t when your emotions are wrecked toward your link.

Mutated connection with nonsense  toward life ordeals.

Time becomes the enemy and the distance remains the same.

My time, your time, or time in general.

Does it matter? The time is now and I try to give you all again and I’m shut down.

There is more time after all.



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Think I was never here, there or anywhere.
I have and will continue to be here, there or anywhere.
My Mayan warrior seeds exterminated once, twice and more.
Seeds never die, they sleep and return when you think it ended.
I return and think of my family tree.
I’m who I’m because the seeds were me.
Pain, suffering, and extinction has been the struggle.
Now, you live and claim I’m not here, there or anywhere for you.
I’m here, you are there, and I will continue to be here until the end of time.
Seeds grow, they are evolution, and you are the result of the Mayan seed.

Tierra Alta

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Across the river, a nest.

A place on the high land is cozy and amicable.

Fly above the vast river becomes eternal.

Flying across damps, locks, valleys, and obstacles is normal.

Up in your nest, nestle is instant, and occupation becomes uncertain.

The moment is captured, longing is satisfied, departure across the river is up again.

Flying, flying seems to be the game.

Back on the river bank, the sky is blue the water turbulent.

A  uncertain reflection.

It never ends, back to the nest, home.

Con-placemen to the sky of lurking thoughts swirls back.

The river valley awaits again.


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