Validation, acceptance, forgiveness, your soil needs.
Your blossom was not in the desert.
It took care of you, it loved you.
It gave you nutrients to form your base.
You were showered with love, happiness, smiles and joy.
As a coward patron, I left you when your were flourishing.
The perfect harvest was ignored and you bled and cried.
Abruptly, your sun was robbed, your attention was abandoned.
For all your calamities, I’m guilty and I’m sorry.
Yet, you are the best a gardener would love.
Grown excellent, bright, intelligent, and beautiful.
Synthesis slowed you down and created an unease at your caretaker.
I was there, not enough and certainly not at all times.
Today, I see the decay in myself, time is less to live.
Flowers will continue to blossom.
Some with support, validation and love.
Others with nothing at all, yet they blossom.
And wish they had just a tiny, very tiny soil master.