Thirty years ago in 1983, Rox was 18, I was 21.
You were zero, well nine months, inside a new world.
I was outside, knowing nothing of your physical evolution.
I was outside waiting for a new star to shine my universe.
Tumultuous experiences taking place outside your world.
New culture, new country, new language, new love.
The sun energized my beings and provided hope and challenge.
It guided me to a new beginning, to my
new world.
A new start was born.
Since that moment, my time was you.
I no longer stared at my mirror, at my reflection on the water.
I pleased my self looking at you, caring for you, loving you.
My journey to my world became my addiction.
Strolled you down the street on a Sunday morning.
The sun hitting on my face, paper on hand, stroller in front of me.
Reading the daily news in Spanish, and having you with me was my universe.
Years passed, your transformation changed.
Along the way of your great radiation, I was there.
The universe changes every second.
You are the change, you are my constant variable.
Time transpired, and our roles became different.
For the best, I know.
I know you know your world and its physical aspects.
It is hard and difficult to see.
Change is good.
New worlds, new stars, new hope and new love.
You are my star, and you are the brightest.
I’m a decaying star, your illumination keeps me alive.
Your light’s shined for 30 years and will remain shining.
Let your light guide you to your harmony and to your best world.
Happy Birthday my star!!