Frick it!

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I’ve given you all I can share from my heart, from my being.

I’ve given you a million times more than what I have received.

I do it because I want you to exceed what I never had.

I want to give more, but I can’t when your emotions are wrecked toward your link.

Mutated connection with nonsense  toward life ordeals.

Time becomes the enemy and the distance remains the same.

My time, your time, or time in general.

Does it matter? The time is now and I try to give you all again and I’m shut down.

There is more time after all.




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Think I was never here, there or anywhere.
I have and will continue to be here, there or anywhere.
My Mayan warrior seeds exterminated once, twice and more.
Seeds never die, they sleep and return when you think it ended.
I return and think of my family tree.
I’m who I’m because the seeds were me.
Pain, suffering, and extinction has been the struggle.
Now, you live and claim I’m not here, there or anywhere for you.
I’m here, you are there, and I will continue to be here until the end of time.
Seeds grow, they are evolution, and you are the result of the Mayan seed.

Tierra Alta

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Across the river, a nest.

A place on the high land is cozy and amicable.

Fly above the vast river becomes eternal.

Flying across damps, locks, valleys, and obstacles is normal.

Up in your nest, nestle is instant, and occupation becomes uncertain.

The moment is captured, longing is satisfied, departure across the river is up again.

Flying, flying seems to be the game.

Back on the river bank, the sky is blue the water turbulent.

A  uncertain reflection.

It never ends, back to the nest, home.

Con-placemen to the sky of lurking thoughts swirls back.

The river valley awaits again.



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Calma, calma, calma mi dico.
Come Faccio a sapere quanto mi ama.
Oggi e’ piu’ importante che mai.
Che mi sta facendo impazzire.
Oh dio mi aiuti. Sono una vittima del tuo amore.
Abbi pietta di me. Non credo di aver perso la mia fiducia.
La mia fiducia per il amore e’ solida.
Ti amo e amarti mi rende felice.


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In a night desert, an awaken chimera stood vigil.
Waiting for it’s love pray, it’s life survival.
Without tragedy, It sat still.
Feeling silk smooth skin, savoring beauty, satisfying thirst was not near.
The night journey under the Milky Way seemed paradise.
It’s mind and body surrendered, and the beast became dependent.
A thermal heat coiled in, and it’s body blended.
It’s desire exterminated, it’s dream truncated.
It’s prohibited threshold under the starts paralyzed in vigil.

En un hilo!

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Te doy lo más interno de mi alma.
Te doy mi mente salpicada de estrofas profundas.
Palabras que me comprometen con mi ser libre.
Sentimientos que mutilan mi privacidad interna.
El miedo de abrir todo me intimida y me asusta.
No hay duda, que brotan natural y reviven mi alma.
Al final, alma y mente se unen en coro alto y fuerte.
No lo diré más, solo una vez, tómalo y guárdalo.
No hieras el abismo que mi alma genera para voz.

April 3, 2013

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