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Electrifying, extensive, passionate.
Inhaling, sustaining, warming, exciting.
Chemistry fussion is hot and melting.
Satisfaction is not exhaustion.
Rather sexual!
What a feeling! What a fussion!
State of being One manifested.
From kissing to hands on, can’t ask for more.
Let’s do it again, again and again!




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Dozing synapses slowing alertness.
Beauty is to the right and to the left.
Within closed doors, they exist.
In the outside, they flirt.
Everyday, I see them.
My neuron valleys reconnected.
Vast choices, speed the return.
I like what I see.
The self me speeds.
The conquest is there.
Conquistador gallops to the open.




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In the Dacia territory, my notable weakness is a despair.
I exert my energies into your vernal beauty.
Yet, my exasperation life is an enduring reality.
Subtraction is impossible.
My draconian code is life for love.
Deep in my heart, my dracaena flourishes.
At the end, I want you to be my adamant base of my life.
I will be your servant lover but not your Actaeon in search of prey!


Nicaragua 6- 2012 219




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My baby’s face is an angel face, full of life and beauty.
I smell his scent and feel his silky brown skin.
I kiss his forehead and new aura ignites my heart and soul.
My Phoenix sun elevates me once more where I need to be.




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If peace could be handed out, I would hand out peace to everyone on earth.
Today, I come in peace and I offer my heart to you.
I’m very sorry for the commotion and ugliness I created.
These flowers and words are to symbolized peace and love for all of you.
I love you, you, you, you, and you!!


July 28, 2007 006


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Outside in the garden, I see you in the middle.
I sit, and enjoy you watering flowers.
I know you love your plants and adore your flowers.
The pleasure on your face reflect nothing but love.
Love is what you signify.
It’s what you give.
You are the best flower.
You are the mother of my flowers.

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