Arriving to the Greyhound station, alterates my senses.
My eyes scan to all directions.
People of all colors around me, on benches, against walls and in lines.
An older man talks on his phone.
An angry man beats his phone, and complains in Spanish.
I sit and scan the surrounding for more insights.
It’s half hour before departure.
I know it will be a long trip.
I get my book, Crazy Love, and sit on the front seat of the bus.
Departure time is near, I’m still a lone rider on my seat.
At the last minute, an Asian lady sits next to me.
My reading is taking me into another world.
First two hours on the road are quick, and my reading is satisfying.
At our first stop, silence is broken.
A new adventure and world is sitting next to me.
She is Fin Fu from China.
To the west coast becomes to the east.
Fin Fu breaks conversation and I’m ready with questions.
The ice breaker to the east was on.