Sunzal’s surf is high, a southern warm breeze makes it in, a sunny and radiant day awaits .

Diverse multitude gets ready, rides on warm blue waters are the impartiality.

The waves’ sounds are music to our ears.

Rainbow colors reflected on boards, slim and cut bodies are great blending.

Black volcanic beach is our turf. Palm trees adorn our background.

The sun shines at a stage set on the south side of  today’s paradise.

Sun protecting lotion in hand, I get ready and eager to jump in the water.

Musicians wearing, white, pink, and blue guayaveras warm up their sounds.

The surfing begins, waves transformed.

Maracas sound invades our ear, feast displays.

Drinks, cold watermelon juice is heaven, but coconut milk and rum delicious!

Cold beer ignites.

The fiesta, beginning of another day in Cuscatlan land.

El Salvador 2008 194