Before our time, harvesting,  migrating was a way of life.

Earth people traveling and cultivating.

From the Inupiag ,Yupig in Alaska, Dakotas, Navajos, and  Apaches  in North America,

to the Aztecs, Mayas in Central America and to the Incas in  South America.

Brown faces, legitimate Americans, digesting ownership of their land.


Border lines across their paths, the annihilation dawns.

An unexpected insurrection of brutality, their paradigm.

Lives sacrificed in the name of illegality and marker lines.

Elimination and death, abysmal of their tomorrow.

True Americans viewed as pathogens of  society.

Secured borders, systematic identification robs their hopes and equalities.

Segregated and ignored, their lives’ abolition is no one’s interest.

Many work  fields for pennies.

You eat their harvest for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But, their brown faces ignored as your vegetables keep you alive.

Millions have died and few prospered.

1492 – and beyond, years of hell.

How many more to the eternal black hole of fire?

Today or yesterday, their humanity exploited.

Abused and discriminated.

Their brothers’ land is no welcome land.

Their fathers’ land is not available.

Their soil is their forgotten grave.

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