2013 Tzotzil

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I weep inconsolably to see injustice.

My heart breaks and bleeds.

My soul saddens and explodes in anger.

Brown men labeled drug cargo beings.

In the north, they are victims of racism.

it is the only explanation.

Drug consumption is an epidemic social problem.

Without equality, with racial persecution, What is left?

Control of classes, exploitation of classes, or is it race control?

When will God’s-made creatures live in peace and equal terms?

I’m sick and tired of reading, listening and experiencing  differences.

Where is it safe for brown man to live?

I scream loud, but nothing happens, I write, but people will continue to be targeted.

In USA, Mexico, Central America, or in South America,

The discrimination, the abuse, the exploitation and the injustices are the SAME!

I dream that extraterrestrials being will one day come to the rescue.

I dream that supernatural powers were an antidote for injustices .

While Tzotzil children fight for their human rights in Chiapas, Mexico,

Mayans, Aztecs descents in USA confront the same fight.

Indigenous people of Mexico, you are not alone. We are with you!

Aztlan land will always be your land!



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People in and out!
Beautiful, real good looking, good looking,  bad looking, real bad looking or real ugly.
But, I’m here thinking/imagining, they are all beautiful humans.
Everyone embarked in their journey.
Having a good Friday night.
Enjoying  time off work, family or any other stress
The fact is, every one is happy, and there is no barriers to break, but to be happy.
What an evening taking place in the twin cities.
My love is understanding what living together is.
I’m in a new/old journey. I need to be within!


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I remember your strong arms cradling me and enveloping me in warmth.

Our bodies merging to become one.

Feeling you deep inside of me.

Pressing against you, entwining my legs with yours.

Letting not one part of you stray from my touch.

Your head as it rested gently on my shoulder.

Looking into your eyes brimming with deep stare and love.

Caressing your face, stroking your arm, softly tracing your lips with my finger.

I remember the first time I saw you, the first time we kissed.

Electricity raced through my body and wanted more.

I remember the first time we held hands.

So natural and real and I wanted more.

That electricity is now a strong burning

of intense desire and lust for you and I want more.

The days have been so few,

but I never remember having such a feeling before,

or having such imaginative sensational thoughts,

or wondering where our journey will take us.

New City

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Los Angeles, 1980, hot summer near La  Brea and Washington Blv.

Street asphalt softens as the sun melts it.

Tried walking to the liquor store across the street.

Used to the heat, launching a run bare footed seems normal to me.

One, two or three meters were enough to stop and return.

My studio apartment, an oasis of cool floor and shade, pulls me back.

Sandals on, I embarked once again.

As I cross the hot, melting black asphalt,

an Old English beer truck pulls in to the driveway.

The truck driver’s blue eyes staring at me, safely parks.

I’m off the street and onto the sidewalk.

A young couple, boom box on shoulder, walking by saluted “Hola Amigo”.

Rick James’ beat fades off  their tape recorder in the distance.

A group of Mexican land scapers get their water and soft drinks.

The Korean merchant communicating in broken Spanish is busy.

The land scape workers are in a hurry to their beach residences work sites.

As they depart, their truck radio plays Vicente Fernandez’s “El hombre que más te amó”.

I get La Opinión news paper, a Fanta soda, and  I crossed the black smoking tart road again.

Blue clear sky and hot weather sent me packing for our favorite beach in El Segundo.

Ready in my Opel station wagon, I drove pass La Brea into my new city.

Blue, fresh water of the Pacific Ocean is my destination.

I loved my new city then!

Tio & Boys 2007

Be my little…

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I kiss you today.

I will kiss you tomorrow.

I will always kiss my little…

Wet hot lips injecting passion.

Heart beating leads anticipation.

Warm fluids expanding ecstasy.

Sweaty hands colliding and feeling curvy formations.

Hot bodies uniting souls!

Exalting brain alerts satisfaction.

Kiss me more, feel me more, excite me more.

I want what you want!

Live it, exploit it, enjoy it, kiss me more.

Be my kissing little… be my grooving little…

I will kiss you, eat you my f… Little..

January 2010 018


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Endurance and fear, elements enforcing energy.

Bodies in action, satisfied beings reflecting uniqueness.

Time and water obstacles to overcome.

Goal set to succeed, no turning back.

Blinding water, frustration is not an option.

Experience to hate or to never forget.

Bald eagle beautify the scenery.

Blue sky and green heavy brush open  nature’s door.

At the end, terra nullius conquered.

Nuisance made us closer and for that I love it.




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I see mine and I wonder who are you?
Do you see what I see?
Do you think what I think?
Do you want what I want?
Do you feel what I feel?
Do you hear what I hear?
If you do, let it be!
Let it flow! Let it ignite!
Become what you want.
I will be there, I will be me for you!



Bright Eyes

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Have not seen you or hear your voice.
Pretty lexicon back and forth.
Rushing hours, due dates, traffic down hallways detour approaches.
Today, a fast glimpse was enough.
Bright curious eyes lightened my mind.
Can’t wait to penetrating stares.
New ink, new look, new friend  awaits.
Eyes laying down new perspective.
Blue, green or brown, what is it?
New fresh light is on the horizon.