I weep inconsolably to see injustice.

My heart breaks and bleeds.

My soul saddens and explodes in anger.

Brown men labeled drug cargo beings.

In the north, they are victims of racism.

it is the only explanation.

Drug consumption is an epidemic social problem.

Without equality, with racial persecution, What is left?

Control of classes, exploitation of classes, or is it race control?

When will God’s-made creatures live in peace and equal terms?

I’m sick and tired of reading, listening and experiencing  differences.

Where is it safe for brown man to live?

I scream loud, but nothing happens, I write, but people will continue to be targeted.

In USA, Mexico, Central America, or in South America,

The discrimination, the abuse, the exploitation and the injustices are the SAME!

I dream that extraterrestrials being will one day come to the rescue.

I dream that supernatural powers were an antidote for injustices .

While Tzotzil children fight for their human rights in Chiapas, Mexico,

Mayans, Aztecs descents in USA confront the same fight.

Indigenous people of Mexico, you are not alone. We are with you!

Aztlan land will always be your land!