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Words staying a stand, fighting back, lecturing what needs to happen.

Understanding position, explaining need, questioning the truth.

Conjugating verbs to disseminate thoughts.

Opening mind to conversation of clues, instincts and insecurities.

Clarity of a plan takes emotions to a disarray.

All pieces need arrangement for a good game.

Life is already short, to yield dreams is to conquest half a game.

Full game plan is goal, success depends on it.

Don’t judge the storm and thunder of  words.

Searching ultimate adhesion is the souls’ struggle.

Have mercy in the cry of understanding disparity.

There is no schooling for life’s most sacrificing challenge.

Be true love, and life is beautiful.






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In the desert under hot sun, mind dusted with dirt.

Light years away in the turbulent Milky way, heart drowns.

Taking life, mind and soul into twin concession, prerogative to discover.

Lights don’t signal or light the high way,  obscurity an isolation to endure.

Gods of life are not on the bright side, where to begin with your divinity.

Darkness clouds advancement to a new star, to a new galaxy.

Open soul, open heart, open mind, tools to know a rich living soul.

Be clear, clean, and share who you need to be, it is everything a bang needs.



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Trip under the earth, evolution of  industrialization.
Memories of hard work , imagination indescribably amazing.
Far away in the north, where bears, wolves and moose rule,  beauty is everywhere.
Small towns with history to discover.
I, love and nature are new friends.
In a world, where discovery is infinitive, creation is ultimate.
Water, nature, sun and universe are all in one.
North east of Minnesota, a playground to be free.


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Difficult to grasp or to bridge
And so easy to give and to perform.
100%, magnet for attraction.
Giving it without restriction touches souls and unites hearts.
Hesitation stops purpose.
Physical, loyalty the outcome.
Put no restriction, limits are not the goal.
Natural inspiration is attention
Don’t waste time, your objective is near you.
Tomorrow might be too late.

August 15, 2013

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Body trembling, hands shaking
Mind, threshold of a new start.
Old ways become new ways.
Need energy, need peace, need harmony.
Deviation is not my derivative.
Tangency to throught living, my desteny, my desire.
Help me now and tomorrow.
Without, I can’t see the light.
I know you are there, I see you.
I feel you, don’t let go.
2013 after 6 to 8101, nice move.


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Sounds reminding of existence.

Music echos alleviating senses.

Rhythm keeping soul in the move.

Drum beats moving bodies.

Motion in limbs.

Unison keeping flow.

Connecting deeper than ever.

Bones vibrating to sound waves.

Satisfied heart soothing life!

What a feeling?

Harmony at threshold appreciating directly.

Eyes anchored, soul blending, mind in tune.

Outside world intervening and settling.

Nothing escapes but rather stays.

I’m in, but I want more, let me in, I’m here.

I’m ready for more precious sound.


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Thoughts swirling into abysmal despair!
Center point targeting distance.
Seems chaos but mind retrieves.
Outside the box, clear picture.
Emotions expressing, exit to clarity.
Foundation is the goal, hiding structure will not establish form.
Security, the enlightenment of tranquility.
Road to the abysm of happiness.


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Ready as I can be! Life changes? Bring it on.

My destiny flourishes  in my horizon,  take me to the summit.

Your eyes, your soul and your mind: motivation for eternity.

I see nothing but greatness under the lighting of wisdom.

Days and nights will rotate as I sun dance around your spirit.

My soul, expanding with joy, brings enlightenment of colors.

Blue, yellow, and red,  choices of beauty.

Skillful company, infinity motives, great mind, my new challenge.

Yesterday was fantastic, today is excellent, but tomorrow is the greatest.

Come and join me, to a new goal, our goal, let’s do it!!

Be ready and be brave.