Opening does not mean welcoming!

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Initiating dreamed visions to adhere intimacy, ghastly results to stalemate.

Realization of game plan, closure to aught.

Connection, empathetic, contentment paralyzed.

Progress to seeking dream curtailed, mangled, the slaughter of man’s heart.

Where or how or when is the inquiry.

Surrendering is not an escape.

Demanding anew will not be smooth or early.

Being differential is the legitimate attitude.

Oblivion is the juncture, pace will reverse.

Secret preferred edict affirmation.

Can’t revise no one but yourself.

Ready or not, malice, disrespect, self-indulgent, impediments to overcome.

Conquer and alter the philosophy to escort.


Because I want to love You!


Life is no longer a Xerox.

Days are dazzling and ecstatic.

Life is vital.

My soul sinks in  jubilation and amusement.

Waking up next to you is an appetite  for satisfaction.

Making love  is a daily euphoria.

Kissing you is fervor and erotic.

Smelling you is my narcotic.

Touching you is spirited.

Hearing you is melody.

Watching you is provocative.

To want you is a demand and to love you is  my compulsion.

Night After Night

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Heart on hand, body in dismay, mind melting

Seduction my goal, magnetism my inspiration

The moment is precious, the time is perfect

Barriers imposed, division established, the truth hard to swallow

The beauty of love and life injured

My loving starvation not perceived

Personalities disturbing fragility

Characters destroying tenderness

I’m ailing, I’m afflicted

Stop gibberish and egocentric behavior

Humility must be our unifying authority





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I feel it as in frigid arctic cold, whiff air or sunrise sol.

I feel it as in my soul,  as it feels in my character.

I feel it, not as for the very first time, or the second time

But rather as when it is meaningful

When it is significant

When it is paramount

I’m sorry, my penitent to you

I’m shamefaced a million times

Melted for love, contrite for you

My imprison to full love is cruel.





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Cold day

Cold thinking

Cold words are not sufficient to mute my soul

I live my soul as there is no cold!


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Mind sets in place.

Heart flies away.

The struggle to maintain happiness slips away.

For one moment, the fight paralyzes, mind and heart  flow in unity.

They seem at ease.

Uphill journey does not end until, mind, heart and spirit embraced becoming whole.

Only then, body and soul will enter the universal mist of eternity.

En Tono

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Te doy todo, alma y cuerpo.

El tiempo está, pero no das anhelo absoluto.

Error nuevo, ejemplo a explotar.

¿Estás ó no estás?

¿Qué toma ser el amante soñado?

¿Qué fácil es olvidar y confundir?

Atención y preocupación de uno por el otro es mandamiento.

Sentir, vivir el sentido, animo, y ser del otro es vida mutua.

Sigue lo que sientas, es la complementariedad de tu anhelos.

Hoy, mañana y siempre seremos dos, uno para el otro.

¿Eres ó no eres?

¿Das ó no das?

¿Vamos ó nos quedamos?

¡Dime hoy ó nunca!

Estoy, soy, y seré lo que tu nunca has tenido.

Por eso, viviré, soñaré, y moriré siendo lo mejor en tu vida.

First Day

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Expectation high.
Coming home to a love one and to a new life.
Excitement, accomplishment, and happiness, the adrenaline.
Arriving to an empty castle, reactionary instincts.
Mind and heart separated.
Reasoning and logic on the table.
Accusatory language, loud and clear.
Vision of a great transition obscured.
Principles of engagement and respect ignored.
Expectations, changing paradigm.
Alone  again, an awful feeling.

Coatepeque KIZZ in Las Vegas

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So many year ago, our lives were adhered.
Today, it’s a pleasure to be in one place.
Different locations, different lives.
Yet, we are together.
We share stories, life experiences
But most important, it is real life.
I love Kizz,  I love the moment.
There is one thing for sure, We will do it again.

Want More

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Night after night,  my mind and body awaits in threshold,

waiting and wanting more.

My imagination and desires swirl around your being,

Circling around you as a warrior finalizes battle target.

Your fire illuminates a signal of being alive and put.

With no regrets of being around you and your fire,

anger and despair flow in my veins.

The night is young, your position strong and structured,

There no surrender and another night nears.

The battle continues and the war for love is our fight.

Peaceful approach is the requirement.

Willingness availability is our nature,

Wanting  more is our struggle.

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