Dream or no Dream

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Dreams, windows to fantasies, escapes, lives.
Body transported, mind exploited, memories transformed.
Too real to exterminate, difficult to return. 
Time, sequential, instant, unforgettable.
Dreams, singular, plural, magnificent, lame.
Physiology, actions, experience, romanticism.
Distribution, relief, adrenaline, expulsion.
Taste, extravagant, fluids, real to ignore.
Dreams, here, now, alive, visual, sensitive, unique.
Heart accelerated unconditionally, no end!
Living one way, no return, one memory.
Instantly, no time to waste
I’m, You are, We are, one life, one moment.
One dream…


Per Sempre

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Per Sempre
I’ve often asked myself
Where I’d be 
And what I’d be like
If I’d never met you
Your sensuous pleasure
Your jovial vivaciousness 
Made me feel alive
From the moment I arrived 
I could shed my skin
And take on another
To become another me
When I was with you
The flight from me 
From all I represented 
Was a necessary step
To find myself 
Adolescent infatuation
Grew to a mature love
With deep feelings 
Of affection and respect 
But a need to grow
Outgrew my need for you
Yet you will ever remain 
A part of who I am



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Que tengas un buen día!
Reyna de mi trono.
Luna de mi noche.
Agua de mi manantial.
Ángel de mi guarda.
Sol de mi día.
Sueño de mis noches.
Pajarito de mi ventana
Calor de mi alma.
Líder de mi escuadra.
Aullido de mis llantos.
Flor de mi jardín.
Corazón de mi vida.
Estrella de mi universo.
Diosa de los dioses.
Miel de mi enjambre.
Latido de mi corazón.
Ruta de mi orbita.
Rezo de mi plegaria.
Iglesia de mi religión.
Cura de mis confesiones.
Maestra de mis lecturas.
Faraón de faraones.
Capitana de mi barco.
Sirena de mi mar
Presidenta de mi gobierno.
Amor dulce.
Amor tierno.
Amor eterno.


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Taking configuration, breathing it, feeling it

Resistance to staying put vanishing little by little.

Hindrances easy to find

Reveling, raising a battle or controversy

Reminiscent of  a private life.

Taking it in calmly and clearly

Company revealing desire to back off.

Momentarily is the lament!

The authenticity  is there.

It aches, but it is real!

Back on the saddle takes form.

The horizon is bright.

Together or not, opportunities are ours.

I’m in!

I want it and I’m staying.

I will give you and give myself

Freedom, trust, respect and love.

Making life the best to harvest happiness

Is a waking up motive.

At home together, our fortress has become.

Repaired for Good


While mending, memories surfaced
From confussion to clarity, it feels better now.
Sorry, very sorry, a solution requires steps.
On the way to the answer, emotions, thoughts and behavior altered.
It is a profounding achievement.
A change for the best, it’s here.
Trust is a domain to stay.
For the endurance to accomplish it, you are the best.
No more amends, no more drama, no more broken wheels.
The road is clear and secured.
Let’s enjoy the journey.

Saint Luis Park

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It was a bright after noon in June 6, 2007, we were sitting in a high corner booth, surrounded by red brick walls that made her white pink face prettier. She was gorgeous, blue eyes, reddish blond hair, well dressed with a body and legs of a long time runner. The moment was seized and together we sat, I was at her left and she was at my right. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, and my eyes were all over her, I was nervous. She looked of a different caliber, social level, and my native ways were on my demeanor. I wasn’t less nor was she more. We were different. Our contrasts made it more interesting.


It was so unique, and my mind started to overwork. The minute I saw her walked into the red brick restaurant, she looked sexy, and transmitted sophistication, and a multicultural look but best of all she looked intelligent and diverse. Intimidating for a moment, yet fascinating. I wanted to kiss her, smell her, feel her heart, touch her body, dance for her or hear her breathing in my ear.


I moved closer little by little. I could almost touch her legs with mine. Drinks were served and we both declined food. It looked and felt as we both wanted out of the restaurant to bealone. It was our first time together, and we both knew the protocol. Yet, anxiety quickly was running short. Ecstasy was sprinting out of our pupils.


It was too obvious. We stood up and started to leave. The server, running after us, informed us that we had not paid our check. I felt like an idiot, but I did not care. I handed my credit card and stood at the door waiting to be checked out. My heart pounded faster and louder. Her vehicle was parked two blocks away, and we began our walk. At her parked car, we were paralyzed for a moment, and instantly and naturally my lips and her lips were against each other’s. Madly, passionately and intensively, we engaged savagely in a never ending tasting of lips, acting as two thirsty individuals in the middle of the Atacama’s barren desert.


The moment was as if the only thing happening in the city was our kiss. Cars were honking, people were shouting, and pedestrians stared. It was heaven on earth. We saw and felt no need to stop but rather connected in the most harmonious, passionate kiss I had ever had. Neither of us wanted to let go. The kiss was long, very long, and it had all the traits of a very, very good kiss, as if we were showing off to each other how well we could kiss. My life had been moved, touched and I was ready for it. We held hands not wanting to let go.


I had no time left. I needed to get home and be ready for work. I was working the night shift. I saw herget into her car, and I watched every move she made as if I was playing a movie scene in low-motion. She started her ignition and left. I stood there watching her vehicle leave until I no longer saw the red tail lights. I left for home to get ready. On my drive home, the taste of lip stick did not overcome her sweet, passionate kiss off my mouth. I kept swallowing to taste her lips over and over. I wiped my lips with my hand to get her lip’s aroma closer to my nose.


When I arrived home, I debated whether or not to shower. I did not want her lips’ taste and scents todisappear. Naturally, I took a shower but all I could think was her kiss. I lamented why I had not brought her home, but my rule (no sex on first date) did not permit me. I got out the shower and I wanted to call her back and tell her that I was calling in sick at work. I did not know if it was love or lust.


Love or lust, they wereboth there, and it was impacting my heart, my mind and soul. I could not wait for our next encounter. Working the night shift was very demanding and managing production quotes of graphics with high end print quality was not an easy task. I had been transformed by one female, by one date and by one kiss. My nightly work obligations were twisted. To stay focused and perform my best was hard. I only thought of her kiss and love poems to write to her. The night went by, work was impacted, but expectations were met. The night was long.


The next morning, I immediately wanted to email her or call her. I did not want to sound desperate, but I was dying to call her, to see her eyes, to hear her voice, to smell her perfume, and to kiss her again. Everything seems as it was yesterday. I was truly happy that my life had been introduced to a new chapter. The summer bright afternoon of June,2007 was the most gorgeous date I ever had with a beautiful marathon runner. I love you cat-loving runner.

Now or Never

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Happiness hard to cultivate.

Instructing oneself to positivism,

Thoughts are broken.

Excitement falling fast,

Little things, successful moments

All need to be connected.

As a chain of colorful beats,

Little by little, the flow is not easy.

I cooked for you today,

I made you smile,

You gave me acknowledgement,

Tried hard to finish project today.

All the efforts were a success!

Negativity always remembered,

Don’t need to be there!


Con-caving is a dive,

Taking every bit of happiness off your brain.

Neurons fighting for fire,

Firing together to stay connected,

Keep it happy!

Every second is a success.

A train of positive euphoria will follow.

Happiness the only domain to sense.

Keep it cool!!


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Time stops to an impending doom.

Fictitious reality devouring souls.

The pause of reality journey to chaos.

Body, mind and soul turmoils of dismay.

Physiological change diluting bodies.

Anguish, despair and damaged mind

exits to pain, agony and misery.

Capture in a hell capsule.

Eternal labyrinth of darkness.

Waking up to the sun and stars, life,

the only real exit.

Stop, stop, once and for all.

Flowers aromas of exciting life.

Sun, wind, reminders of heaven on earth.


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Cruising south to Red Wing, MN

In the summer of 2005, I was driving down High Way 52 towards the city of Red Wing, south of  Minneapolis in Minnesota. I had just purchased a sport, two doors 1995 BMW. The car was white, two doors, manual transmission and a very nice sporty looking car.

I was going to a date that I had arranged through an internet dating site, Match.com. I was to meet my date at Lolita’s, a Mexican restaurant. Half way my drive before the detour to Treasure Island Casino, up ahead in the distance of my direction, I saw a high way patrol car, I was on my cell phone talking to my mother in Los Angeles, California. While on the phone, I told my mother “I will call you back, there is a police car and I know I’m going to be pulled over”. So, I hang up and proceeded on my way. As soonest I passed the patrol car, I looked on my view rear mirror and the patrol car was right behind me with lights on.

My car had tinted windows, and the officer approached my window and asked for license and registration. Then, he told me that the reason for the stop was speeding. I gave him my documents. The officer went back to his patrol car to check my records. When the officer came back and returned my documents, He said I was getting a speeding ticket and also an infraction for tinted window unless I took tinted window film off my windows right there on the high way.

“Officer how am I going to do so without tools” I said.  He responded “nails do a good job”. I proposed to continue driving with my windows down, and He said “no! If you do that, I will add another infraction to the ticket”.  “OK, I will take them off”, I told him.

It took me a while to take dark polarized film off the windows on the highway, but I did it within reasonable time. By then, I was late to my date. Once done with the removal, the officer handed me a speeding ticket.

Day Dreaming

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Imagine life being all you require.

Happy family, good friends all around.

Some one special who sends your heart afire.

Just think, just think now, where  can this be found?

To find this happiness would be a treat,

No ulterior motives in the gain.

A true companion is whom you must meet.

Everyone should have this with no pain.

Happily sharing good conversation

With someone who truly knows how you feel.

A genuine sense of adoration,

A positive person you know is real.

Your eyes, your skin, that brightness – great smile.

That is real, that is who you are, for that and

Because my friend you have really great style,

My day dreaming is every day!

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