Happy years, satisfied and loved.

Time was eternal.

Foreign nation, five floors above ground, sweet home.

Roman empire’s refinement embraced under the bright sun.

Finestra, ceaseless views, excellent berth to see Alice come home.

Prohibited when thunder or drizzle crashed against glass.

Romanticism blocked, cozy soft bed my asylum.

Eclectic master breathing, chewing, captivating the unlimited Rome’s offerings,

Ancient city, colossal to exploit for soul’s dream.

Adrift Alice in a alluring life, seeking self, searching pleasure, probing love.

No need to pursue any more, Love was always home.

I kissed you, I cuddled you, I whiffed you, and I glared you.

Window was an obsession, knew you were always back.

Gifts, company, love and smiles, my best times.

Life challenged to an abysmal fall,

Maledetta finestra!

Life near end, precious awning, my first live saver.

Across the ocean, more lives.

More windows, more views, one floor.

Master turned into self, firmness and self assurance, her new trait.

Abundant love everywhere!

Life change, a paradigm to success.

Changed for the best.

Nature is better.

Leaving earth was not easy

After 14 years, you look excellent.

You live better.

Passion is around you.

Respect has found you.

Don’t look any more.

I leave you in good hands.

Don cry, appreciate and relish what you found.

After all this time, you are home.

And I’m in mine.

From outside your windows, I will have my best views