Cruising south to Red Wing, MN

In the summer of 2005, I was driving down High Way 52 towards the city of Red Wing, south of  Minneapolis in Minnesota. I had just purchased a sport, two doors 1995 BMW. The car was white, two doors, manual transmission and a very nice sporty looking car.

I was going to a date that I had arranged through an internet dating site, I was to meet my date at Lolita’s, a Mexican restaurant. Half way my drive before the detour to Treasure Island Casino, up ahead in the distance of my direction, I saw a high way patrol car, I was on my cell phone talking to my mother in Los Angeles, California. While on the phone, I told my mother “I will call you back, there is a police car and I know I’m going to be pulled over”. So, I hang up and proceeded on my way. As soonest I passed the patrol car, I looked on my view rear mirror and the patrol car was right behind me with lights on.

My car had tinted windows, and the officer approached my window and asked for license and registration. Then, he told me that the reason for the stop was speeding. I gave him my documents. The officer went back to his patrol car to check my records. When the officer came back and returned my documents, He said I was getting a speeding ticket and also an infraction for tinted window unless I took tinted window film off my windows right there on the high way.

“Officer how am I going to do so without tools” I said.  He responded “nails do a good job”. I proposed to continue driving with my windows down, and He said “no! If you do that, I will add another infraction to the ticket”.  “OK, I will take them off”, I told him.

It took me a while to take dark polarized film off the windows on the highway, but I did it within reasonable time. By then, I was late to my date. Once done with the removal, the officer handed me a speeding ticket.