While music relaxes my mind,

The impotent self begins to take control.

Lots to do, choose, select, learn.

Enough is now or immunity will never arrive.

No time to stop,  blue bright light, the lead.

I’m starving again, discovery, innovation the alternative.

Deponent choices start now.

Comfort and conclusiveness the motivator.

I see style everywhere.

Love, passion, creativity, determination in sight.

I love it, I like it, I must!

Adios faces,  good bye Mr. nice man!

Time has cultivated: being careful, frugality, respect, and understanding.

Humbleness is my acumen.

Wanting to be liked is capitulation.

No mas is Duran’s, mano de piedra,  history.

Today is my mano a mano!

Back for good!

Final I!