Let me start by saying that it takes more than coffee to wake up!

First, it felt as in jail, then as in your eyes and worst yet

 As in the clouds above a volcano,

Inspiration leads to clarity and better love!

Dependency is not my game, independence is and has been.

My Modus Operandi inprinted in my genes.

There, I have shined, shine and I will shine!

Attention is too much or not enough when it has always existed.

Taking it for granted is easy and normal.

I see the road, I see no detours, but purpose.

Excellency comes with struggles, and I have paid dues.

Knights, Generals, Fathers, and Heros share objectives.

My goal is life with harmony and within I will take you

In my arms, in my heart and in my soul.

Nothing else, look up, and you will see your prince!

Don’t stay behind because you will be left alone.

Taking grounds is respecful.

Taking reins and enthusiastically leading is sharming.

I will be what I was born to be, a gentleman!

Do not be little me, do no ignore me, do not abuse me

Nor take my full attention for granted.

I’m taking my grounds, I will fill them with flowers,

arts, writings, kisses, and love! 

My soil is you, but without rain, footing is lost.