The more I read about the history of black man,

The more I learn about injustice behavior of mankind!

Without the role of Africans in the development of modern man,

There would be no world history,

Better yet, No Egypt, No Rome, No Europe, No Asia or No America.

The brutality, the genocide, the annihilation, the bestiality,

And the exploitation of one race is the works of the Devil.

From black kings in the Nile valley to Cabeza de Vaca

In the exploration of  North America.

In-printed and written facts are contributions for ever.

From Leopold II to the American Civil War,

The struggle has been long and ugly.

Today, the African continent sits hibernated from years of looting.

Awaiting for a better involvement from a new men!

With visions of giving back what was taken away.

Dignity, freedom, future, wealth and self identity.

The question is Who?, When? and How?

The most beautiful diverse geography sleeps

waiting for a better turn of time.

Waiting for a generation equal and better then A.C.

The Africa that gave Egypt’s Pharaohs,  glory

Beauty,  wealth, pyramids,  culture,

and sights into the after-death journeys.

Africano, you are the risen man!