After the lights were out, and my book put away.

Quite for a moment, wondering when to angage.

I hear your breathing, I smell your perfume, I feel your heart.

Tension building up, desperation to kiss you screaming in silence.

There is no other precious moment than being close to you.

Wanting to stay in cozy warm sheets next to you for ever,

Beautiful soft, delicate, lovely skin igniting my most

Deep senses to share and to unite with you.

Stage to be in for life, our perfect world.

The reality is other and our daily lives exposed to unpleasant sides.

We strive to make past controversies,

misunderstandings or communication breakdowns

Belong to the past and present, but not the future.

Imperfect as we are,

We will fail, but also succeed in our quest.

To be what the other one wants and needs

And to be true to ourselves!

Alt when our hearts talk and feel each other’s bitterness.

Last night’s feelings, emotions, and true desires

Are  reflections of our love seeking quest.

Our unique beautiful moment for the night.