La Celda

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Oscura, helada, apestosa, tenebrosa

Barras de desesperación, de lágrimas, de angustias.

Paredes de dolores, de golpes, de relajamientos, de sueños.

Cielo insólito de vuelos y viajes virtuales.

Celda, portal de vidas, de seres, de experiencias.

Encerrado en ella trato de salir y me agobio en su frio

Dormir el tiempo y soñar mi única salida.

Libertad de la celda destino impecable

Muchos y muchas han pasado por el encierro.

Soledad para sabios, celda para brutos



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While music relaxes my mind,

The impotent self begins to take control.

Lots to do, choose, select, learn.

Enough is now or immunity will never arrive.

No time to stop,  blue bright light, the lead.

I’m starving again, discovery, innovation the alternative.

Deponent choices start now.

Comfort and conclusiveness the motivator.

I see style everywhere.

Love, passion, creativity, determination in sight.

I love it, I like it, I must!

Adios faces,  good bye Mr. nice man!

Time has cultivated: being careful, frugality, respect, and understanding.

Humbleness is my acumen.

Wanting to be liked is capitulation.

No mas is Duran’s, mano de piedra,  history.

Today is my mano a mano!

Back for good!

Final I!

Tus Ojos


Me atrincheran, me doblegan y

Me hierve el alma.

Me ahogo de angustia al no recibir nada a cambio.

Soy digno de humildad y me doblego esperando por tu amor.

Grita mí nombre, dime amor mío!

Ó simplemente dame atención tierno con cariño.

Seguiré mí camino con mí obligación de dar

Nada menos que mí alma y todo lo que es amarte.

Tú eres lo que eres y nunca cambiarás.

Brechas se hacen!

Con frente en alto, abriré la mía.

Y con sudor de amante seré constante.

Porque el Azul de tus ojos me traen loco.


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You inspire love and submission
Giving my heart and life seem not enough.
Physical distance, a real reflection of nightmares.
I got nothing to lose, but all to give you.
I beg you for answers to satisfy soul.
Unity confirms my need and reality.
But yet your display of confirmation
Lacks charisma and assurance.
I’m sorry for my insecurities,

I can’t find comfort when I most seek it and need it.
I continue with what I  do best,
Love you like no one has ever loved you.
Why do I ask why?
Because you are my life,

There is nothing else I wait for.
I must tell you today, tomorrow and everyday,

I love you!


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Sun setting behind bright orange clouds

Above the majestic lighthouse of the Pacific.

Mind and sight fighting for imagination in search of your silhouette.

Spots of blue escaping out in the distance soothe my heart

As they remind me of your eternal blue.

Your eyes reflected in the crystal water of the Coatepeque Lake.

The cool breeze from the Amatepec mountains soften senses.

You are around me

Panoramas satisfying spirit

Bright stars in the vast darkness of the Central American sky,

Complements of a perfect picture.

You are my my lighthouse

I see you where beauty shines.

Tonight, I see you in the Izalco.


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