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Como un Quetzal en las selva de Peten
Como el rio Orinoco en el Amazonas
Como un Colibrí en un clavel rojo
Como los cafetales de Masaya en Nicaragua
Como el Águila de Norte América
Como el amanecer en El Superior Lake
Como el Atardecer en Santa Mónica, California
Como el Izalco en El Salvador
Bello como el Universo
Bello como naciste!




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Takes to swirl
To annoy mind
To a bitter taste
Disgusting but not really
Enough to push neurons against each other

Please, please, understand
It is not all that
It’s me, it’s us!
Currents of different river
Merging waters
Into one smooth movement
One soft ride
Objectively running
A natural end!



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Mayan exposition, a lovely reassurance,
Art, astronomy, mathematics, lives
Intertwined together in different time.

Today, my soul mixed with new life.
Reality reflected in a new cenote,
A cold place in Dakota land,
Mirror into the underworld and future.

My heart is yours to hold.
Yours to believe in!
Under our northern Aurora nights, I will be there for you.

Minnehaha falls, witnessing our summer dance,
Following its course into the Mississippi and
Into the great plains of the Cherokee nation.

Mayan culture, showing, reminding where I come from.
You, Alice of my chains, my future.
My love, my inspiration, my Mayan dream.
My Reflection!



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Navidad blanca, tan blanca que me siega.
Amor blanco, claro y cristalino.
Mi mujer tan blanca que me fascina.
Paz tan blanca que me inspira!
Nubes tan blancas que son cartulinas
Vino blanco de Chile
Tan sabroso
Que me hace pensar en Chilenas
Blanco de seguro es puro
Tequila? Vodka? Unidas?
Bueno, guaro es guaro
Tic Tac?
En blanco, un principio!
Plumas blancas, flores blancas,
Palomas blancas, luna blanca.
Blanco, blancas las cobijas, los zapatos.
Cuanto blanco!
Blanqueador para blanquear.
Me quedo con negro!
Si, negro moreno.


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Four o’clock, six o’clock
Coffee tasting, people looking busy
Deciding or trying to start
Can’t think of work day’s end now
But somewhere in the mind
Thoughts of different day floating around

Engaging now until quitting time
get productive, it’s a habit
it’s a need
Let’s get it going
Glad to be part of the process

Can’t live with or without
Lovely day at work again
Accomplishing what is needed
I’m satisfied, yeah!

One more day, two more days
I will be there, doing
What it takes to survive.
I will keep it
I will take care of it
I will remember every hour!


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Debatir el asilo de Snowden me encanta.
Tu lógica Estadounidense es contraria.
El patriotismo te obstruye.
Dejad al hombre cabalgar el mundo con la verdad en mano.
Después de todo, la USA siempre ha mentido y manipulado.
Hay hombres con cojones, pero este ex-empleado de la NSA,
Si los tiene grandes.

No es nuevo que un imperio o un grande
Le tenga miedo a un chico, a un David.
Por fin, la USA le gusta ser Yanqui!



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Me gusta el frio, chocolate y el sofá.
Junto a la persona con quien sueños sueñas.
Pero más me gustan las cobijas y tu piel.



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Daily itinerary where love lives.
From dawn to sunset, life is better.
Delicious breakfast but dinner the best.
From morning kiss to five miles at LA Fitness.
Drinking Central American coffee
And reading NY times, a great start to get motivation going.
There is nothing satisfying than having a perfect plan.
Our world moves methodologically with our minds set together.
Deviation from it is a sin for disaster.
Storms for turbulence awaiting to happen.
Oh no!
That isn’t happening if willingness is open.
Welcome the challenge!
Winnings are the gains.
Happiness the result!



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See it on my face, on my head and every where.
Signs of change, knowledge, maturity and beauty.
It’s color like all colors in a rainbow.
Bringing stages, phases and time together.
Defining portraits of a diverse life.
Bringing colorful pictures of love ones.
Laying down time line of gorgeous moments.
Registering places and locations in my mental world.
I like gray!
A color respecting shades.
A hue to be proud of.
Color density full of life.
My great gray time!


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A ritual of understanding daily adhesion gone wrong.
Simplicity providing headache when you love the most.
Sensitivity an obstacle to inner core being
Routines about to become a nightmare.
Invisible hurdles raising wrong consciousness.
Satisfaction habits hiding to reveal true self.
uncomfortable situation simulating chaos.
Oh God!
Reality does not kill but rather helps understanding.
No sin without guilt!
Free me once and liberation for ever.
Want to be one addition to make a difference.
Obscenity a reminder of cruelty.
Let it be!
Liberty to be with you,
my choice!

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