Icy, windy and cold, nothing deviates my ultimate dedication.
Train station after a labor day, my trip to see an angel’s face.
Journey on 494 interstate to my short destination is like a trip to an oasis.
Water supply to energize my soul, my life.
Your gentle smile transcends satisfaction.
Your hello is music to my ear, company to my being!
I speak, I listen, and I admire when you talk.
But, I enjoy the most when I’m next to you.
Your challenge and your inspiration are enough for motivation.
Learning, improving and searching for new is more than enough.
To not stay away from your company, the Modus Operandi to distinguish.
For that, I’m the luckiest man in planet Earth!
Pain or no pain, the endurance to live this life is a trip of its own.
In this current time, it brings You and I to our best.