There are no words to completely define this unique-black man.
African, prisoner, poor, black, humble, faithful, non-violent,
exemplary human, South African, anti-apartheid revolutionary,
politician, philanthropist, fighter, leader,
A president, a citizen of the world, a dreamer etc, etc, etc…

But, there are thousands of words to define the atrocities
Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s native Africans endured:
suffering, executions, murders, annihilation, genocide, slavery, abuse,
Rape, hunger, pain, war, family disintegration etc, etc, etc…

Africans people continue their struggle for equality in their own land.
The history of Africans is an example of how brutal mankind can be.
Wealth, control, power and greed have been the culprit.
The world’s wealth in the hand of a small percentage of earth’s population.
The oppressors of black man!

Mandela did his best and was the best in fighting for injustice!
He gained power and perhaps wealth, but he never left the cause of inequality.
It’s up to the younger generation of any race in the world to continue the struggle for equality.
Mandela lives forever!!