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To tell you I’m yours.
To spend the rest of my time with you.
To tell you “I Love you” every day.
To understand the complexities of being together.
To work-ship your being
To dance with you in the morning.
To kiss you good morning every day.
To tell you I’m sorry when I’m wrong.
To admire your beauty as you are.
To listen to you.
To take care of you forever.
To dry your tears when you cry.
To make coffee for you at any time.
To admire your work, criticize it, understand it
And tell you, “You are the greatest”.
To do my best on fulfilling your fantasies.
To be there when you most need me.
To support you when you want me to.
To understand you even when no one does.
To take your bad habits as part of you.
To admire your past as your best schooling.
To not criticize your errors as errors,
But rather as learning experiences.
To motivate you when you have the blues.
To remind you, you are the best.
To provide a shield to protect you from any harm.
To kiss you every time I see you.
To guide you when you are lost.
To listen attentively when you want attention.
To listen to your talking when you are sleeping.
To massage you when you least expect it.
To drive when you don’t feel like it.
To open the car door for you at all times.
To feed you if I have to.
To carry you when you need to be carried.
To make love every day if you want me to.
Ready or not is past tense.
I’m ready, are you ready?



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You meet people and you learn.
You talk to people and you feel.
You know people and you wonder.
You respect people, and you admire people.
You like people, and you think.
Life is one,
Life is unique
Who in this life is the right match for you?
I love life
I take life fully with enthusiasm,
With love, and with passion.
Within, there is that match
There is compatibility.
There is happiness.
It is within these emotions
One lives happy
Into our next day
Into the journey of real life
At the end, you hope your match
is real!


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No camino cierto, no dirección completa
¿Hacia dónde voy? Tiempo, familia, trabajo, mi tierra?
¿Cuál es la pregunta más importante hoy?
Me siento solo, estoy solo, ¿cuanto más?
¡No lo se!
Bebo, bebo, cuando estoy libre, no debo, ni tengo que!
Hoy decido yo, necesito tiempo, calidad, necesito salud
Necesito claridad, necesito sinceridad, honestidad con migo mismo
Con Dios, y con familia. También con amigos o amigas
Me desespero, me preocupo, por mi familia, mis hijos
Si, bastante pienso,
Pienso tanto que a veces no duermo, y me duele la cabeza.
Quiero escribir lo que me venga a la mente.
No hay manera de entender,
No hay manera de encontrar solución
De repente felicidad viene, y luego se va
De repente frustración ataca
Dios mío dame la fuerza y la claridad
Para poder ayudarme.
Quiero tranquilidad, quiero futuro
Dios por favor perdona me y
Llévame hacia una mejor vida
Vida con sentido, vida con harmonía
Vida con dirección
Dirección clara, definida y directa.


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Black, Latino, Asian, White, or other
People are very sensitive about race, they tell me
Who is sensitive?
Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Others or whites?
No one should be if you are comfortable
with who you are!
We are all humans,
Understanding that equality is the sensitivity.
I love my white woman
That does not mean i’m racist.
It means I like my choice.
Race matters!
But humanity matter more.
We all need to be comfortable about each other’s
differences, histories, behaviors, traits and habits.
White people complaint why are you accusing me?
I wasn’t around when my race performed all these atrocities.
I’m not accusing anyone!
My answer is that
it will be a while before
you don’t hear anything about race.
Racism happen yesterday and
It happens today.
Look around you, pay attention to the media.
it is hard to forget it,
or not see it.
500 years from now
when humans discovered life and beings
in other planets and humans become humans
from earth,
We will start traveling the universe
exploring, visiting other planets and other beings.
Only then, humans will have no color variation, we will be
color blind and become humans from planet earth.
The race will be to discover beings.
Racism will be over!

It is or it isn’t

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Aligning everything, thoughts and ideas,
Hoping sooner or later, outcome is better.
It might take time, but patient runs out.
There is time as always.
Time constrains are easy to understand,
But hard to account for!
Mama mia!
Time is great, better than ever.
Nothing is perfect!
The key ingredient is either perfect
Or it is never enough.
Oh God!
What is it?
Or it isn’t?
Timing must be the complement to key ingredient.
Difficulty is not an option.
It’s easy and simple.
I know it is.
Isn’t it?


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My day is flawless
If I say the right words,
I plan accordingly,
I feel you,
I enjoy your company,
I’m nice to you,
I love your ways,
I like your smell,
I listen enthusiastically,
I help you with everything,
I play with the dogs,
I’m fragile and humble,
I love life as is,
I give, understand, accept and listen!
Hoy es bueno!

El Día

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Al día estoy con suavidad y seguridad
Pasa la mañana y la mente sobre trabaja
Pensando en manejar las horas a lo preciso
Una decisión aquí, una respuesta por allá
Una explicación clara, una lección lenta pero definida
Alternativas lógicas con demandas precisas
La tarde llega y un descanso es lo indicado.

Después de conocer la actividad incesante
La mente aísla tu persona, tu ser y acciones,
Y el corazón devora el alma
Con una imagen clara de cuanto
Significas enteramente,
Conociendo lo que anhelo
La visión se hunde y el corazón arde.

Que tú no estás al hilo de la cuerda a seguir
No es tu problema,
Es mío, y el día se alarga.
Para donde voy si la luz eres tú al final del túnel,
De 24 horas es el día,
De nada es el día si yo no existo en tus días!

Dame un día, dos días o tres…
Dámelos todos y yo te daré mi vida.



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I’ve been  loving you all my life 

Since I met you.

There is no appreciation of my being

If you do not display it!

I’ve been giving you nothing but everything.

Don’t you know I’m yours?

My blues are about your daily routines.

 My dreams are about your body and soul.

I live day by day next to you,

 but, you don’t realize you are my hero.

When are you giving up you soul, your love?

I’m  your victim of love!

Don’t make me your chamber of torture!

I’m here for you.

Let’s this life, this time on earth be the best

For you, for me and for both of us.

It takes more than one for fusion

The universe was made that way!

Let’s make our universe the same way.

Please, please, help me

Where are you?

I’m here waiting for my turn, my part, my fusion!

Do not let it go by, it might take another thousand years,

 a million years or more!

I’m letting you know, I’m real, am physical

I exist!




The Night

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Short when flying over tropical jungles.
Long when taken into the center of earth
Exotic during trips of erotic euphoria
Exciting for victories of struggles in a fighting world
Convincing to the finalization of wanted desires
Fast to the continuation of fantasies
Unreal to challenges of unfinished life dreams
Wake up calls to the displays of realistic experiences
Fantastic to the realization of the night interpretation.



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Sé que me quisiste pero hiciste lo que quisisteis
Lo dijisteis y lo cogisteis
Hoy elegisteis e insistes en hacerlo
Tú consistes de tus juristas
De juristas e ilusionistas,
De sumulistas a lingüistas
De romanistas a italianistas
De arabistas a nudistas
Hasta cuando me darás una caricaturista
Para reír y no ser un argumentista.
Eres ilusionista con personalismo
Como una violinista o como una cronista
Tu lista de masculinitas no es leninista
Si no una de iluminaditas que al final
Serán tu turistas.
Seré lo que fui!


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