I’ve been  loving you all my life 

Since I met you.

There is no appreciation of my being

If you do not display it!

I’ve been giving you nothing but everything.

Don’t you know I’m yours?

My blues are about your daily routines.

 My dreams are about your body and soul.

I live day by day next to you,

 but, you don’t realize you are my hero.

When are you giving up you soul, your love?

I’m  your victim of love!

Don’t make me your chamber of torture!

I’m here for you.

Let’s this life, this time on earth be the best

For you, for me and for both of us.

It takes more than one for fusion

The universe was made that way!

Let’s make our universe the same way.

Please, please, help me

Where are you?

I’m here waiting for my turn, my part, my fusion!

Do not let it go by, it might take another thousand years,

 a million years or more!

I’m letting you know, I’m real, am physical

I exist!