Black, Latino, Asian, White, or other
People are very sensitive about race, they tell me
Who is sensitive?
Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Others or whites?
No one should be if you are comfortable
with who you are!
We are all humans,
Understanding that equality is the sensitivity.
I love my white woman
That does not mean i’m racist.
It means I like my choice.
Race matters!
But humanity matter more.
We all need to be comfortable about each other’s
differences, histories, behaviors, traits and habits.
White people complaint why are you accusing me?
I wasn’t around when my race performed all these atrocities.
I’m not accusing anyone!
My answer is that
it will be a while before
you don’t hear anything about race.
Racism happen yesterday and
It happens today.
Look around you, pay attention to the media.
it is hard to forget it,
or not see it.
500 years from now
when humans discovered life and beings
in other planets and humans become humans
from earth,
We will start traveling the universe
exploring, visiting other planets and other beings.
Only then, humans will have no color variation, we will be
color blind and become humans from planet earth.
The race will be to discover beings.
Racism will be over!