To tell you I’m yours.
To spend the rest of my time with you.
To tell you “I Love you” every day.
To understand the complexities of being together.
To work-ship your being
To dance with you in the morning.
To kiss you good morning every day.
To tell you I’m sorry when I’m wrong.
To admire your beauty as you are.
To listen to you.
To take care of you forever.
To dry your tears when you cry.
To make coffee for you at any time.
To admire your work, criticize it, understand it
And tell you, “You are the greatest”.
To do my best on fulfilling your fantasies.
To be there when you most need me.
To support you when you want me to.
To understand you even when no one does.
To take your bad habits as part of you.
To admire your past as your best schooling.
To not criticize your errors as errors,
But rather as learning experiences.
To motivate you when you have the blues.
To remind you, you are the best.
To provide a shield to protect you from any harm.
To kiss you every time I see you.
To guide you when you are lost.
To listen attentively when you want attention.
To listen to your talking when you are sleeping.
To massage you when you least expect it.
To drive when you don’t feel like it.
To open the car door for you at all times.
To feed you if I have to.
To carry you when you need to be carried.
To make love every day if you want me to.
Ready or not is past tense.
I’m ready, are you ready?