Te veo

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Te veo
Como la avispa luciendo sus colores
Sobre la flor, zarpeando su miel,
Llenando de líquido suave, dulce
Y saciable, su cuerpo falible.
El desplego amenazante con una postura
De una inocente en busca de placer.
La vista se transforma en fantasía
Erótica cuando el amarillo vivo
De tus cabellos ciega instantáneamente,
La mente te lleva a la cima de la montaña
Con una rapidez de un suspiro desesperante,
Con la ansiedad de hacerte el amor.
Al caer en el abismo ansiado,
Con el sudor brotando de poros agitados,
Derramándose sobre las curvas de tu alarmante cuerpo exotico.
El movimiento repetitivo y cambiante
De tu cintura y hombros excitan la mente,
Como las nubes que cubren los rayos del sol
En la cima del Mombacho,
Al ritmo de tus pujidos y satisfacción
Exponencial, tus movimiento en cronología
Avanzan y se acercan a un final placentero orgásmico
De euforia infinita.
Dame una y otra vez más,
Te veo, y el juego comienza otra vez.


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Mirándola bajo la luz roja
Con morbosidad de comerla,
El vaso contra sus labios,
Volubles y sensuales al tomar su
Sex in the beach,
Hierven contra los cubos de hielo.
Cabello largo cubren sus hombros
Como carpa de superwoman,
Sus pechos saltan como volcanes
En movimiento sismico.
Su mirada hacia la esquina opuesta
Son rayos de invitación carnal.
El ambiente despierta la novedad sexual.
Nocturna caliente y ninfo maniática a la deriva.
Una invitación de Malibu cocktel
Iniciación de la imaginación orgásmica.
Oh Baby!
Háblame, yo seré tu audiencia captada
En tu dominio feminista de tu busca
Sensual y conquistadora!
Hazme tu esclavo,
tu servidor cautivo, exótico,
erotico y duro!
Es mi meta absoluta conocer tus loqueras.
Tus fantasías son mías.
La conversación conecta una vez más.
El destino y la meta de la noche definida.
Dulce como la miel y caliente como lava.
La sensación eléctrica y sublimante.
Establece tranquilidad y seguridad.
Esta noche loca somos dos
Los que devoran y satisfacen.
Siempre fue cuando tomaste tu
Asiento bajo la luz roja.

Along the Red River


Up north defeating gravity
On a summer day, fusion exploded
South and North crashing together
Devouring bodies with hunger of despair
Pleasure at it best, fulfilling soul
Red River the witness of sacrificed passion
Oh Lord!
The bright sun melting thoughts
into the abysmal of lust
Where are you now?
Images will never die
Yesterday feelings, in eternal vivid mind
Lost in the moment in the muddy red river
The moment will forever live!

If you could see

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Love propositions are not around the corner
Blindness to the full force of love
Is dangerous to the ultimate harvest
Of happiness, of sensuality, of passion,
Tender your spring or
Drought is eminent
Intimacy fluidity will cease
Be a mother to your baby love
Wasting the best in front of you
is a mistake without compensation.

To love and To be in love

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Sex links to make it happen
The link to melt for
The passion to deep loving
The electricity to be connected
The power to peace
The umbilical cord to unity
The solution to the soul’s renditions
The filling of the body’s needs
The water to loving thirst
Reflections to our heavens
Love and be in love.

4U – Valentine

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The wind, the snow and the cold
Is within and around everyday.
Your bright face and company
lightens and warms my soul.
Not having your romantic heat is inadequate.
Frost bite is the dangeour.
Everywhere, you are there.
Lucky I when your breath is on my face.
Better yet when you whisper “Ti Amo”.
Alice you are my calice of youth
And my foutain of love.
Without you, wind, snow and cold
are my refuges of torture.

A start

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September, fall arrival, green, yellow, red,
Great colors, fantastic panoramas.
With beauty around,  new array begins.
No regrets, what’s ahead is transformation.
It’s new, it’s challenge, it’s change.
New experience,
Love the common denominator.
Heart lives in tangent.
Beauty, the tenor vigil.
Passion the only distribution.
Got no regrets but rather hope,
Fall will return, colorful as the day
All started in green,
Yellow and red with you.

It is or it is not!

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What is sex without love?
What is love without sex?
It is the craziest experience in mankind.
It is the cruelest two way communication between two humans.
It is the most painful tortures of heart, mind and soul.
It is the most disgusting situation in a relationship.
It is a reflection of coldness and brutality towards love.
It is the most egocentric behavior in humans.
It is the use of people’s dignity.
Love and sex together when it is meaningful.
When love is pure, sex is a must complement.
When love is unique, sex is a necessity.
Love is a machine and sex is the oil
That keeps heart, mind and soul going.
Without oil, machine breaks down.
Heart, soul and mind eventually wear out.
The love machine is or it isn’t.
And to be a perfect machine to last for ever,
Oil is a fundamental preventive maintenance.
I love oil and I love to love.
It is or It is not!
Now or never!

Two nights

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Last night I cried, confused!
I thought avoidance was better.
Started my passion for argument with heat,
Confrontation, unpleasantness stopped.
One way, isolation worked for a moment.
Heart and soul in abyss.
Tonight remains the same.
Great time during the day,
Does not mirror a great loving night.
My soul bleeds looking for answers,
Looking for justifications,
Looking for logic on words.
What is love making?
Mechanisms of suffering.
Measuring stick for true love.
Tonight, I learned that avoidance is cruel.
Loving is cruel!
Does it have to be?
Do you want out?
If you do, be clear and specific.
Torturing damages heart and mind.
Rejection is the worst experience in life.
life is not the same in rejection.
Love makes peace!
Peace is love.
Until when, do you or do I can endure these sower nights.
Love with no limitation is happiness!


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High but easy to overcome when you are ready and agile.
One, two, three and more as the run begins.
Passion and love for what you sign in.
Practice, practice and practice again.
Fail, touch it, drop it, or clear it.
The objective is the same.
You dream to have a perfect run
Or you dream a bad run.,
Or you dream is a complete failure.
Practice, practice, the only way.