What is sex without love?
What is love without sex?
It is the craziest experience in mankind.
It is the cruelest two way communication between two humans.
It is the most painful tortures of heart, mind and soul.
It is the most disgusting situation in a relationship.
It is a reflection of coldness and brutality towards love.
It is the most egocentric behavior in humans.
It is the use of people’s dignity.
Love and sex together when it is meaningful.
When love is pure, sex is a must complement.
When love is unique, sex is a necessity.
Love is a machine and sex is the oil
That keeps heart, mind and soul going.
Without oil, machine breaks down.
Heart, soul and mind eventually wear out.
The love machine is or it isn’t.
And to be a perfect machine to last for ever,
Oil is a fundamental preventive maintenance.
I love oil and I love to love.
It is or It is not!
Now or never!