Last night I cried, confused!
I thought avoidance was better.
Started my passion for argument with heat,
Confrontation, unpleasantness stopped.
One way, isolation worked for a moment.
Heart and soul in abyss.
Tonight remains the same.
Great time during the day,
Does not mirror a great loving night.
My soul bleeds looking for answers,
Looking for justifications,
Looking for logic on words.
What is love making?
Mechanisms of suffering.
Measuring stick for true love.
Tonight, I learned that avoidance is cruel.
Loving is cruel!
Does it have to be?
Do you want out?
If you do, be clear and specific.
Torturing damages heart and mind.
Rejection is the worst experience in life.
life is not the same in rejection.
Love makes peace!
Peace is love.
Until when, do you or do I can endure these sower nights.
Love with no limitation is happiness!