2014, Seven times round the sun ago
On a summer day, a moment stood on a Twin City side walk
Lips touched and fusion was instant.
Eternal orbits around our star will never
Erase the connection soul and heart made.
Kiss of energy, kiss of life and kiss of link.
A nano fraction of time became matter.
Nothing to be an impact to actual time in our Cosmos.
But, a hell of a minute moment of life on earth.
46 times circling orbits created you.
Seven ones have shaped our love,
Our friendship, and our connection.
Here standing for that time again
Waiting for one more 365 days dash radius.
Open arms, open heart and open mind
It’s all there is for you.
As you finished one more trip in the universal purpose,
I will love you until the end of time.
Happy 46th times to the endless gravital motion.