You don’t need to be sorry!
Your game is your game.
I’m not playing game at this time of my life.
All I want is to connect my soul, my heart and my mind once and for all with you.
All I want is to be humble around you like a child in need of love, in need of assurance, in need of security, in need of affection, in need of intimacy, in need of attraction, in need of admiration, in need of a link, in need of spirituality, and in need of a reflection.
I no longer want to be me, just me.
I want a bridge where I can criscross feelings, emotions, ideas, dreams, love and of course my physical being.
I want to be totally engaged, mentally and emmotionally with you.
I’m sorry for sharing my deepest state of mind, but the fact is,
I love you very much and I think about you a lot and you are constantly in my thoughts.
I have passed my egocentric self being. I’m ready and I want to share everything with the one I think is the right person, and that is you.