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The light of a new star find its course
Evolving from a twisted black hole
Unique journey gravitates matter onto an endless cycle
Synchronicity into the unknown but yet loving transformation.
Umbilical forces influence to a new evolution
Eternity enforces and sparks continuity
To a world of majesty and discoveries.
The ring of fire, the beginning of engagement
Into natural forces adhering into one.
Now is the moment to employ the ultimate purpose.
New is instant, fate is ours!


Feeling it!

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The world is free and mine.
Life, gorgeous as it must be.
Music, monumental to my senses.
Taboos, sensations and satisfactions.
Craziness is fulfilling!
Craving for more, a reality to metamorphosis,
Happiness in the heart and in the mind.
Becoming free, flying to infinity,
Euphoria, endless pleasure.
Feelings of creativity, mind and heart outlet!
Oh what a feeling!
Diversity launching into my world view,
My dream, My satisfaction.
Today is my kind of day!


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