With comfortable temperatures and a cool breeze on my face
I walked around familiar places bringing memories,
And nostalgia back.
The smell of perfumes, beer, music, happy people,
Body shapes, faces, hairs, discussion topics
And the epic idea of good company, a good time,
Ignites debate in my head,
I want that, I need that,
I miss the taste, the sound, the looks, the smiles,
The likes, the dislikes, but the most missing event
Is the challenge, of the unknown, of the forbidden.
The night with no end, the bohemian world
Of artistic self being and the freedom of being
The ultimate fulfilling idealist, the martyr, the dreamer
The artistic socialist with liberal ideas that will make
the most liberal puke!
The hippie lover all girls want to make love to.
The hipster guys to reflect on!
The confident leader and the humble immigrant
Admired for his accomplishments and great accent.
The revolutionary without the connotation of a communist.
All is a dream, it becomes a dream when
The realization is right on your face.
You have gotten the best in front of you.
That is the greatest find a
Man can have!
I love my company!