The flood of young blood fleeing life mutilations

Violence, abuse, rape, poverty, and no hope

Families in chaos, in shock, in despair, in disarray

With tears in their eyes,  the north start lightens a sacrificing road

Like their ancestors, sacrification is in their genes

With bravery and with confidence,

The journey to the far land of bright stars takes shape

Within transition, devils are everywhere

Survival for advancing takes every breath,

Fear and tears, the constant beat, the ever companion

The beast, the killing machinery, the first solid destination

The trek is long, lives aboard the train of death mean nothing

Cut off limbs, broken bones, head injuries, sight deprivation

Calamities known and welcomed for a change of airs

From the Mayan low land through the Aztec metropolis

The 3,000 miles marker awaits

Coming chapter to survive, another inferno to overcome

Human potential wasted on no body’s land

Whatever insane obstacles, the struggle remains the same

Beyond the imaginary wall, violence, beast, death or machine

Reactions accross border line transformed in disaster

Turned into hate, racial disparaty, nationalism and nativism

Humanitarian crisis turned into a political absurd arena

The protagonist’s forgetting history

Bases of the society in play

What an irony, the past repeating its course

Yet people abandoning the principle

The human value, the equality of man

The right for life, liberty and freedom

The children, the future once again ignored.

The great nation, the greates star

People in abysm!