Parking space hard to find

Book store a destination

The Green-line train,, made in Mexico

Diversity is around but not quite as it should be

Young, energetic, trendy, stylish, and weird

All around, people rushing with one destiny in mind

Classrooms awaiting for inspiration

Knowledge to share and to invoke

Mississippi river generating a early fall breeze

Maximum time one hour

Two dollars for half hour

Enough for a book store trip

Young crowd, a reminder of time

Older individuals a reflection of the truth

Time twisted or contracted

Life line slowing down

Having a blast watching it as it occurs

Yesterday and today, both at the same moment

Loving it now, and liking it tomorrow

Jovial today and the next day

Books on hand and future to embrace

Diverse and youth, the pledge to carry.

Back right on time, no coins for meter.

Expired time, light blinking in red

Another sign of past time and new

Or old becoming young!