Don’t Understand

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When you think you have it figured out

Thoughts out in the open, heart turned in

Complacent that things will lead to summits

Hurdles of ego-centrism ruins what was to be perfect

The climb becomes anger, confusion and sadness

A feeling not for an unhealthy heart

But rather for a hard one to endure the cruelty

Crumble to the ground in pieces

Thinking of next step, next strategy

Giving up is not the MO

Breaking, hurting, bleeding

Love will win

Walk, run

Meeting of the souls and hearts

Will take place, even if it means in different worlds

Patience will be there

But best, confidence is the engine

It will take us where you and I need to be

Want to be, or at least

It is my dream

Understanding it  is another story

The story we all want forgotten

or real.


El Tres

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Amarillos, anaranjados y rojos más brillantes que nunca

Alice has prendido el color agudo de cada hoja en el paisaje eterno de una nueva vida

El tapiz  de otoño prende y establece un nuevo palpitar en mi corazón

Alma alumbrada y consolada con el orgullo de ser tuyo

Cambio que mescla y respira luz de colores,

Se envuelve en tu cabello amarillo

Tus ojos azules contraste del otoño norteño.

Minehaha influyendo el destino

Octubre 3, 2014,

Día nuevo, vida nueva

Colores bellos con nuevo significado

Sos yo y yo soy voz

Somos amarillo, naranja y rojo

El nuevo alumbre.


Beddor’s room

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Thomas, Megan, Ricky, Sue, Steve,

Douglas, Robert, David, Allen and


A sense of a stranger on a strange land

Name spelling, abnormality to overcome

Language understood

But not connected

A feeling to fight, day in and day out

Welcome and not welcome

Suppression, incommunicado the paradigm

Color, face, attitude, perception

Outside the box, different view, not pretty, not the game

Sick and tired of no inclusion

Not taken seriously, not counted on

It’s a war, it’s an uphill battle

Cultural clashes

Different to the majority

Daily life to learn from

Without out it, life would be easy

Bring it on, ready again

Another lesson, experience

A job to do and a way to learn

I’m belong here, i will not change

It’s pioneering in a white lush.

#October 3, 2014

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Life change event before a law official and family members

Nothing had provided the true emotionally experience

All seemed to be a protocol played more than once

But, reality brought honor and played royalty

Words that changed heart and opened eyes

Tears of joy and lexicon to enjoy

Commitment becoming clear, heavy, meaningful and plural

Thank you, Tanya M. Bransford, for your poetic nuptials

Lyrics resonating in mind and soul forever

Alice, I’m yours until the end of time

Thank God for our new life and journey.

#Condado Blanco, TX

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Ruta bella de recuerdos

Memorias de un pasado que vive hoy y mañana

Armadillos rondando lomas sumando curiosidad

Ranchos vivos con paisajes sureños

El México histórico revive en el corazón

Brisas que remueven la nostalgia

El presente retorna y la historia es otra

El nuevo entorno, facilita el propósito en mano

Respiración del aire puro en Condado Blanco

El destino, Johnson City, identifica la importancia

La nueva tierra, la gran Republica, lo Estadunidense

Alma agitada, rendida a lo que es

Comprometida en compañía, historia por descubrir

No hay mejor día

El pasado fue y se reafirma en la belleza de Texas

LBJ es otro capítulo gravado en la mente

El rancho, la tierra, el rio, la arboleda adornos vivos

Testigos de lo que era, es y será.