La Verdad

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Estoy en dos mundos o diría muchos!
La verdad, la canción “Thicker than Water” by 50 cents”.
Casado, la mujer durmiendo.
No intimidad ligera.
La música continua!
Just like any tune with repetitive tones.
I’m having a great time.


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Have been called immigrant.

Mundane habits stereotypical defined.

Alienation of the established society.

Punishments reflecting unfair judiciary systems.

Errors with high prices,

Lowering integrity, personalities

One knows, it is much more!

The winds of law against progress

New comers, the victims of change.

The paradigm of our nation success.

Policing  and profiling is game.

And for that, They are all in.

Hunger for suppression,

The iron fist, tool for feast.

Skin color, the difference why to apply.

History’s constant change, the suffering of the unprivileged.

The country’s metamorphosis, the malignant injustice of others.


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Eagerness to compile words.

Glossary construction, definitions on hand.

Memory working overtime.

Examples, synonyms to play, conjugations to create.

Want to expose, to express the mind.

Exploit potential.

The arts, the incredible journey,

Infinitive range,

Beautiful world, endless sharing.


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Lo que nace del alma, del corazón, de lo genético,

Estas allí, y tienes que adaptar a lo que parece normal

Lo que aprendes en la elementaría, en casa

De tu madre, tu padre, hermanos, tíos, tías, primos, y lo demás.

La montura toma forma,

La media y el círculo social impone

Creces, desarrollas, escoges

Te defines, y cabalgas

Piensas que hay que acoplarse

Aunque, sabes que el sistema está pando

Acondicionado, por historia, cultura o tradición

Una cosa esta claro, se lo que quieras, no hay vuelta

Eres tú  y nadie más

Mientras los perímetros están al alcance normal

La innovación individual es arte

No cambies, lo único es interesante y provee libertad.

Libre es la novedad y lucha a conseguir

Al punto

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Soy y estoy para darte todo

Desde la mano hasta el alma

De arriba hacia abajo

De un lado para el otro

De la nada a lo algo

De un centavo a cinco centavos

De la sangre al corazón

De un beso al amor

De un frijol a una tortilla

Del suelo al aire

De lo seco a lo mojado

De la arena a lo tropical

De la  cegedad a la vista


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You think you are articulate.

Logical, historical, cordial,

Conversation covers antagonism.

Differences conjugating perspectives!

Understanding, goal to hope for.

Mind opening to exploit the unknown

Is it possible to shut the fuck up?

Intelligent minds do not think alike!

Chaos is there.

Anger lingers, but can’t block truth.

You live it, express it, but hard to convince.

Lunatic might seem,

Radical at times.

Need to be in the underprivileged side.

Only living it, provides radicalism;

Opposition is hard to swallow!

I’m all that and more.

It’s me!


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Quick sand connection, instability in the air.

Dark cloud floating overhead, hanging around

Pendulum measuring obscure times,

Clarity fogged with reactionary sentiments,

True love overshadowing at one end.

Opposites retaliating, confusing paths of happiness.

Signs of conformity, acceptance on view

Insecurities, the domain to overcome.

Ignition to fuse, egos to overshadow

Selfishness hurdles harmony.

Obstacles that harden the heart and soul.

Love blindness blocking eternity,

Disconnecting life journey.

Love, where are you?

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