Moving into Levittown in 1940


First, I would have been discriminated against. That is what I would had felt in the 1940’s. The dream of owning your first home specially when houses were affordable for the first time in the US would have been beautiful. My family would have their firs sense of being in their own home and have the feeling of finally being a homeowner and be considered part of the American society as a Latino.

But the reality of the 1940’s would had been a different experience; Not being born in the US and being the first immigrant to settle in the US would had given me a disadvantage. This situation would had created a great deal of unhappiness and frustration in my life. Firs, because I would have had my children born in the United States. My children, at a very young age, would have had a very hard time understanding why their parents were not able to get a new home and explaining the reason why would had added even more hard times for them. I cannot imagine what people of my race or any other minority experienced during the 1940’s affordable housing movement.

Society in the US has been very hard in accommodating, admitting or accepting nonwhites into their society fabric and it is unfortunate continuing to be that way in many suburban areas in many cities of the United States today. It is a reality today that many new immigrants are confronting today, and discrimination continues not as bad but still exist.