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Amor de gemelos aunque sea lejos,

No es de pendejos.


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El sol se impone.

Ilúmina el amanacer.

Colores de un nuevo dia brillan.

La esperanza vive en la mente, el corazón.

Ejerciendo sin tiempo, sin demora.

Motiva y genera.

Constante e infinita.

La esperanza es el amanecer.

Para Canada

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Donde el aire es puro si estas en el oeste.

Donde las mujeres te conocen y te aman.

Donde la distancia quiebra lo normal.

El amor arde con la dsitancia.

El pensamiento con el arte, la amistad con el amor.

Dios o Dioses, testigos del amor y del deseo?

Hambre del amor de lejos.

Del amor fantastico.



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In the Sin city, the sun burns

The sunset turns red

The color traces the red hot only life.

One soul within stands up and shares peace and love.

The distance from MN to Nevada is the same difference between cold and hot.

But, souls live happily in both ends.

Just as north and south and east and west.

There are differences.

Dream life is everywhere or anywhere.


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My Wife

Mi madre

My brother and sisters






The rights of Women

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1840’s, a great woman

Dialectics forces met.

Rights was the struggle.

Abuses the norm.

Fuller stood!

Paradigm to change.

Struggle to engage!

Difficult to face.

Radical but necessary.

The move was on.

The struggle began,

Fuller with the right mind

The change began,

Full throttle not yet there,

Inspiration lived.

The change was around.

Great women are living on!

The change of love for nature’s need.

The birds sing with no differences,

The song is universal.

Men heard it different

Women understood it!

It’s one song.

One meaning, the same song.


Can you hear me now?

Can you men?

In Between

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Two cultures

Two languages

Two countries



It’s tough to take direction

The heart and mind divided

Oh GOD !

I need  one

The right one

Heart over mind

It’s done!

I’m gone!


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Is time in my head and in my heart irrevalent?

Are my experiences irrevalent?

Whatever it is, I live them everyday and time constrains.

Past and new experiences are mine.

They become slow and pass in slower motion.

Living them, analyzing them slowly and more carefully.

It’s almost like destiny is at my hand’s reach.

With that, my time slows down and my thoughts are carefully displayed.


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It’s weird to ride the bus to class to the UMN.

Young men are next to me and I ask myself  “have I waited these years to finish six upper level classes?”.

It’s strange to walk around campus with young people.

Night classes provides different experience, but there isn’t classes available for what I need.

It is and will be an experience to remember when I get to be 75 years old.

For now, I’m going to class to talk about what it is to talk for others.


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Solo without a plan

Three, four or five days, it doesn’t matter.

You know you are alone.

Hoping to get fun in the woods,

In the water or in the camp.

You got it planned, then you expect the best, perhaps a twist or a surprise.

It should have been as planned.

But things do change, mosquito bites, forgotten parts, crazy fun, or bike riding.

At least until you find out is illegal.

What you think it could have been fun, turned out to be a problem.

At the end, the enjoyment was there 

But, the experience leaves room for improvement and something to say.

Stick to the plan and stay with the plan.

Deviation to satisfy lust can be a bad result when you abuse the riding.

After all, not all trails are rideable.

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