July 4th 2018

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In my dark garage, mosquitos zooming in and out, my body reacts.

Mexican beer in hand, my mind gets busy.

Whatsup app is on, and the world opens.

Communication at my fingers can’t keep up with my mind, my friends and stupid cell phone.

Well, ideas and thoughts do come together and conversations are established.

But the best of this 4th of July is that K is back.

Thank you for being back north.



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I share my mind

But inmediately gets twisted.

I know what I want.

It’s a destiny.

Maple Leaf

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Green, yellow, red or brown

It doesn’t matter

The fall will always be.

Your eyes and memories fall the same rithm

It’s there like a thorn in the heart

It hurts, but it brings smiles

And it makes me happy.

In the north, maple leaves are more red.

The red hot lives in my mind even in the summer.

It is what it is!

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I like to be alone, but yet I miss my company.

I miss my routine, my timing, my dinner.

How was your day or what is your recipe for dinner?

It’s been a while, but it sure defines you.

Unique and consistant is your cult.

It defines you and I like it.


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It feels good

Music in my ears and soul

Resonates  like electricity in my brain.

My heart sinks in.

Like a pulse in rithm.

Like a spear head in my heart.

It feels like flames in my soul.

I love it, like my life in fire.

Like my hearings to melody.

Off work, April 26

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Don’t know where to start.

Snow blower is in the shed.

Lawn mower is out.

My 1977 stereo is on.

89.2 The Current plays its thing.

New music, new rock or new nice?

It’s 11:00 p.m. I’m still up.

It must be good.

I love It!

I stay and sit on my 1950 couch!

The Current lives, next stop, Big Childs. Dives.

Coatepeque City, ES

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First of all, I do not know where or how to start. It is taking me a little time as I type to let my fingers guide my thoughts. I will start that I know for sure that Coatepeque City, in the Department of Santa Ana, El Salvador, Central America, is the first, probably the closest to my heart, location tied to my autobiography. I was born in this Pueblo, and lived in it until I was 17 years old. It is nostalgic to think that I went to pre-school, elementary, and two years of high school there. In many ways, my heart is still there, and almost every day since the civil war was over in 1992, I day dream of returning. I miss the mountains, the volcanic landscape, the smell of coffee flowers in the spring, the day of the dead in November 2nd, the torrential down pours, and much more.

Coatepeque plays a very big role in my life. It made me “YO”. We were in Jr. high school before the war; we, the students, were an instrumental part of protesting against the injustice from the dictator regime. It was the city where I was introduced to classic rock. I clearly heard the Eagles, Boston, and Fleetwood Mac under the tropical rain, and the earth shaking thunder under my feet.

The contributions for my education were implanted deeply in my soul in Coatepeque City. They were through life experiences such protesting, strikes, and take overs of school, churches and factories. I learned that people must confront injustice together.

One of the qualities I miss is the simplicity of daily life in my old town, the closeness and the camaraderie of the neighbors, and the silence of late nights. Even with all these, civil war broke out in 1979, and we were forced to flee for our lives.


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Martin Luther King’s public and personal writings are different because his public writing is about our nation’s democracy, freedom, and the equality of all beings; his personal writing is about the oppression and discrimination of black Americans, in both his times and in the past.

His public writings discribes how our nation failed to provide democracy, freedom and equality to its citizens of color. “It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned”. His public writings’ objective is to justify his nonviolent movement by exposing and denouncing the inequality, police brutality, human rights abuse, and violence against black citizens.

The letters are words of Martin Luther King as a clergyindividual to glergymen who are equal in terms of religion for the moment, but yet so much apart by racial differences. In the letters, King explains the necessity of the human rights nonviolent struggle movement, King explains the historical abuse, and the inhumane suffering of slaves. Martin Luther Kings urges his people to join the protest, to join the nonviolent fight for human rights. His letters offer lots of analogies of the right to rise and seek freedom, King offers analogies based in historical facts for the movement to continue. King preaches his nonviolence philosophy over and over despite of all the violence received in the past and present agaist black Americans.These examples exposed the cruelty of racism. Martin Luther King was a genius of persuation through vivid examples and life experiences.

Martin Luther King is pasionate about his nonviolence struggle phllosophy, his belief in our nation’s constitution, the founding father, freedom and human rights. I learned that I need to read more of his writings, and I learned that Martin Luther King advocacy for human rights is fundamental in the history of the United States.

The key communication lessons that I learned from Martin Luther King are his passion, conviction of his beliefs, and his determination to convince people with facts, analogies, and suffering experiences of black people. “ThIs “wait” has almost always mean “never””., “Like a boil that can never be cured as long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its pus-flowing ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must likewise be exposed, with all of the tension its exposing creates, to the light of human conscience an the air of national opinion before it can be cured.”. This is an impactable analogy of phisiological suffering in the human body and human right abuses. There is no question that Martin Luther King is an American Hero!


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Time slows down when you are waiting.

It separates the mind.

I want and I will.

Now and tomorrow are far away.

Patience is the science taking us there.

It’s what you do with your time the key to move on.


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I’m seeing coffee plantations, coffee pickers, and families working hard.

I see families breaking up and fleeing to safety.

Poverty, economics and opression are the cult to blame.

Happiness dynamics in the ruins take shape.

Along the sismical turbelance and caos, there is hope.

The north start shines a future.

An unknown challenge to overcome.

The value to try it and take the journey to better lands is priceless.

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