5:00 P.M., Chafa, Pato, Wasu, Cache are looking for Bruji.

Bruji is at the base of la cruz on top of the hill overlooking the central plaza, enjoying a puro and the pueblo view under a bright red, orange sunset.

Victor, Wacha, Solin and Santon are checking out an old, fading, torn, June, 1976 edition of Play Boy magazine. After the smoke, Bruji walked down the unpaved street towards the park in front of la alcaldia and the old kindergarden Bruji attended in 1967. Bruji approached Don Chamba’s coner store for a two-cent cigarrete and a five-cent charamusca. He did not smoke, but after a toque to puff the cigarrete he was ok and felt good.

As Bruji lit his cigarrete and sat on his favor corner park bech, Tabo, Perico, were walking home.  Tabo’s house was located by El Rastro Municipal. He said, ” Hey Bruji, La mara te anda buscando.”  Bruji answered, “Where are they?” “They are walking to Chafa’s house,” Tabo said. Bruji got up and started walking to el Punto. Back them a new highway had just been finished away from Coate, and the traffic at El Punto was no longer the same, and El Pueblo was no longer crossed by the Panamerican Highway, CA1, any more. Instead of walking on sidewalks, young people would walk right in the center of the highway.

As Bruji got to La niña Inezita’s corner store, he could see la mara sitting at el muro right next to Chafa’s house. Chafa’s house was a block away from El Niño De Attocha church, a couple of houses from La Cruz Roja and Antel.

Bruji got there and asked “hey que onda?” And as in coro, they all said, “Vamos a San Salvador.” Bruji’s first reaction was “San Salvador? A que putas?” Chafay answered, “El ultimo Bus esta por pasar at 7:00 P.M. Vas o no vas?” Bruji said,Y que honda?” in response. “Tenemos el pisto para el Bus,” Chafay told him. “What? What?” Bruji said.  “Go home grab a shirt and some pezetas si podes y te esperamos right here,” Chafay said, “We will explain later. Apurate serote, culero si no vas!!”

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